Company Philosophy

Build Tech Supplies was established almost 25 Years ago offering technical support & solutions for construction issues that arise and we are proud to continue this service to the industry.
Build Tech Supplies is a prominent supplier of technical building products to Construction, Maintenance, Civil and Industrial clients.
Whilst the majority of our products are for use in concrete, our association with the buying group CSS has provided additional access to other leading brand manufacturers within Australia to give us more capability that compliments our core business activities.
We strive to offer the best service to source and deliver into your office or site whether you’re working locally or remote.
Our 4 Technical Representatives travel around the State providing quality representation and to assist with any queries.
After hours support is also provided for customers who undertake work on shutdowns or projects being constructed outside normal operating hours.
We are often able to solve complex problems that arise during construction and provide practical methodologies that are approved by Engineers enabling continuity of construction.
Please do not hesitate to call for the best service in the industry on your next project if you’re not getting it now. We are here to help.